Influence of Striped Catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) Mackerel (Scomberomorus guttatus) and Black Sesame Seeds on the Physicochemical Properties of Fish Crackers

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Sureerat Aemprom
Papimon Prachongpun
Sasathorn Singkhornart


Fish meat was a great source of high-quality protein and black sesame seeds were rich in containing essential nutrients and healthy nutritional value. This study investigated the influence of fish meat (striped catfish and mackerel) and black sesame seeds on the physicochemical properties of fish crackers. The substitution of wheat flour with the striped catfish and mackerel (80 and 90%), supplementary fish meats were incorporated with black sesame seeds (5 and 6%), using of (2x2x2) factorial experiment in a completely randomized design. The result showed that mackerel (90%) significantly enhances the highest protein of the product (p<0.05), while the water activity of fish crackers decreased less than 0.6. Adding striped catfish (90%) demonstrated both the water absorption index and water solubility index tended to increase. The effect of mackerel (90%) and black sesame seeds (6%) on the quality of the product in increased hardness while decreased colors value (L*) (a*) and (b*). The internal structure of large shape air cells and increased air cell amount were augmented by striped catfish and mackerel (90%). These results suggested that fish crackers content of 90% with mackerel and striped catfish contain 40.50-41.31% and 36.05-35.66% of protein, a good source of protein for healthy.


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