Risk Management in Exterior Aluminum Project for High-rise Buildings During Pandemic

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According to a Royal Gazette statement, an ongoing high-rise construction project has been impacted by the outbreak. Construction on the project was forced to stop for 30 days as a result, and the budget had to be boosted by 550,000 baht to cover more personnel and staff protection. As a result, the study assessed the project's risks and discovered 10 probable hazards. It was discovered that there is a substantial possibility of water getting inside the aluminum frame. Additionally, epidemic danger is very high. Therefore, the study brought both factors to be analyzed by SWOT Analysis and used to create a strategy based on the TOWS Matrix principle by creating a strategy, inspection and testing strategy for the risk of water entering the aluminum frame and epidemic risks, divided into 4 strategies: strategic plan to lessen the effects of time and cost reduction, employee protection strategy and infectious workers, approach to support room sales of new projects, and project sales. A revised risk assessment for both factors was conducted following the procedure. The chance of water getting into the aluminum frame was shown to be decreased from a high risk to a moderate risk, and the risk of an epidemic was discovered to be decreased from a very high risk level to a medium risk level.

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