Development of Integrated Pumping and Aeration Systems for Surface Water by Using Solar Energy

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nitipat jommongkol
Prakobchai Thompet
Piched Tanin
Narubet Nusaipetch
Pheemmaphat Somprasert


The objective of this research was to develop a solar-powered water pumping system combined with water aeration. The efficiency of the aeration system with paddle wheel aerators was evaluated. This was conducted by using a dissolved oxygen meter to measure the amount of oxygen around the water turbines at three measured distances: 1 meter, 2 meters and 3 meters in 12 spots every 1 hour starting from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It was found that the aeration system using paddle wheel aerators can increase the amount of oxygen in water at an average of 2.2 mg/l. The efficiency of a solar cell system was calculated by the ratio of the DC power generated by solar panels to the solar energy incident on the solar panels during the day. It was found that the average efficiency of solar panels is 64.66%. The average efficiency of reciprocating pumps is 34% throughout the day and the average flow rate is 156,700 liters per day. The net present value (NPV), which shows the positive value of 14,147.26. The internal rate of return (IRR) is 14.91% and the payback period (PB) is 6.31. It can be concluded that the solar-powered water pumping system combined with water aeration is an attractive investment.

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