The Adaptation for Government - People after the Covid 19 Pandemic

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Saovaluk Nutteesri
Porntip Kawinsuporn
Rungkaew Phumpho


This article presents the adaptation to a new normal life during the Covid 19 pandemic of Thai people and after Covid 19 pandemic in many aspects, such as social, economic, environment, including education and work, for survival.  Everyone must adapt to a new normal life. Not only wearing a mask in public, people pay more attention to environment, and adapt to the change of work life style to work from home (WFH). Each sector in the country must be prepared for unpredictable change in the future.  As to the government offices, it is an opportunity and challenges to change the way the existing mechanisms operate under the old management style to development of a new plan and a new policy. People in society are important stakeholders when setting a new system and policy, such as the basic welfare policy to enhance the quality of life of people for long term.

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