Effect of ripening stage of banana and drying methods on properties of flour for mixed banana powder drink


  • Lyda Chin
  • Nantawan Therdthai Kasetsart University


banana, flour, drying, powder, drink


Natural drink has increasingly interested consumers. To develop the natural drink, effect of ripening stage and drying methods on quality of banana powder were investigated. Banana at the ripening stage I, II and III were steam at 100 ̊ C for 20min prior to hot-air drying. Also banana paste was dried by a rotary drum dryer at 150 ̊C. Qualities of flour were affected by the ripening stage and drying methods. Flour from stage II banana with drum drying provided the best qualities to formulate the mixed powder drink. A mixture of 85% drum dried & stage II banana flour with 10% oat grain and 5% sesame powder obtained the highest liking scores in the case of serving at ambient temperature.  


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Chin, Lyda, and Nantawan Therdthai. 2018. “Effect of Ripening Stage of Banana and Drying Methods on Properties of Flour for Mixed Banana Powder Drink”. Food and Applied Bioscience Journal 6 (Special):262–277. https://li01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/fabjournal/article/view/121406.