Evaluation of plant growth−promoting streptomyces sp.SR13−2 immobilized with sugarcane bagasse and filter cake for promoting rice growth


  • Janejira Detraksa Faculty of Science and Technology, Thepsatri Rajabhat University, Muang, Lopburi 15000 Thailand


plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, actinomycete, filtercake, bagasse, rice


The present study investigates the potential use of the sugarcane industrial by−products as carrier materials for immobilized with plant growth promoting (PGP) actinomycete and its effect on the growth of rice. The antagonistic actinomycete SR13−2 obtained from rice rhizospheric soils was selected and evaluated for PGP properties. Results showed that the isolate SR13−2 exhibited ability to produce
16.15 µg/mL of indole−3−acetic acid, solubilize inorganic phosphate on Pikovskaya’s agar, but did not produce siderophore. Based on morphological and the 16S rDNA sequence analysis indicated the isolate SR13−2 belonged to the genus Streptomyces. The sugarcane bagasse and filter cake were evaluated as potential supports for immobilization of Streptomyces sp. SR13−2 by solid−state fermentation. On the seventh day of fermentation, the number of Streptomyces sp. SR13−2 cells in the bagasse and filter cake were 8.0 × 109 and 3.1 × 1010 CFU/g dry carrier, respectively. Pot experiments revealed that Streptomyces sp. SR13−2 immobilized with the mixture bagasse and filter cake treatment exhibited significant enhancement in shoot height, root lengths, and dry weight of shoot and root, compared with all treatments. These results suggest that Streptomyces sp. SR13−2 immobilized in the bagasse and filter cake could be a promising candidate for rice growth enhancement.



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