Biochemical composition of Micromesistus poutassou from agbalata market, Badagry Lagos West, Nigeria.


  • Kolade Ouluwakemi Yetunde Department Of Fish Technology And Product Development, Nigerian Institute For Oceanography And Marine Research, P.M.B 12729 Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria



micromesistus poutassou, proximate composition, mineral content, cholesterol


Fish and shellfish are widely accepted as highly nutritious and healthy foods. However, people
usually think that different types of fish are of similar nutritional value and fish selection are made based on availability, freshness, flavor and other physical factors. Micromesistus poutassou (Blue whiting) purchased from Agbalata market, Badagry Lagos was analyzed to determine its proximate composition of its nutrients (protein, lipid, moisture, ash, carbohydrate and crude fiber), cholesterol and some of its macro and microminerals using standard methods. Results of the mean values for moisture, protein, lipid, ash and
carbohydrate were as follows: 74.99%, 18.06%, 2.61%, 1.7% and 2.39% respectively in Micromesistus poutassou. In addition, the major macro elements found in the fish include calcium (7.40 mg/ 100 g), sodium (6.31 mg/ 100 g), magnesium (3.70 mg/ 100 g) and potassium (3.17 mg/ 100 g), Copper (4.60 mg/100 g) and Iron (3.10 mg/ 100 g) were the main microelements followed by zinc (1.80 mg/ 100 g) while having a low cholesterol value of 2.61 mg/ 100 g. Results of the study show that Micromesistus poutassou is nutritionally high in protein with low oil content alongside varying amounts of mineral elements which are
all essential for the proper health maintenance of humans.


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