Proximate and mineral Composition of Pseudotolithus senegalensis and Pseudotolithus typus from Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria


  • Adejonwo Oluwakemi Abimbola Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research, P.M.B. 12729, Victoria Island, Lagos



Proximate composition, minerals, Pseudotolithus senegalensis, Pseudotolithus typus


Two commercially important species of croaker; Pseudotolithus senegalensis and Pseudotolithus typus were analyzed for their proximate and mineral composition using
standard methods. In the proximate composition, the protein, fat, ash, fiber, carbohydrate and
moisture contents of P. senegalensis were found to be 21.21%, 0.86%, 2.01%, 1.19%, 5.05%
and 69.70% respectively while in P. typus the composition was found to be 20.28%, 1.05%,
1.85%, 1.81%, 8.66% and 66.35%, respectively. There was significant difference (p>0.05) in
percentage crude protein, ash and moisture content. The concentration of the macro and micro
mineral elements in the fish fillets of P. senegalensis and P. typus followed the same pattern in
the following order- Ca> K> Na >P > Mg and Fe > Zn > Mn respectively. P. senegalensis and
P. typus belonged to high- protein lean fish category and are a good source of minerals.
The fish have good nutritive values which could serve as an ideal dietetic fish food as well as
play a significant nutritional role in human health.


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Abimbola, Adejonwo Oluwakemi. 2017. “Proximate and Mineral Composition of Pseudotolithus Senegalensis and Pseudotolithus Typus from Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria”. Food and Applied Bioscience Journal 4 (1):35-40.



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