Over-the-counter Astrophysics to Derive Size of Exoplanet in KIC4069063

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Montree Nanta
Sarunporn Promjanjai
Kotchakorn Noichim
Patrasaya Kajai


This research aims to apply basic knowledge of astrophysics at the secondary level to determine the size of exoplanets in the KIC4069063 system by using real observation data from the Kepler space telescope database to create light curves. The curve fitting was done manually. Following this, the normalized flux depth was measured to determine the ratio between the planet’s radius and the star’s radius (r_{s}) of the system KIC4069063 whose orbital period is 0.5042960 ± 0.0000004 days. The results indicated that gif.latex?r_{p} = 0.9973 ± 0.0002 gif.latex?r_{s}  and preliminary check that Planets in the KIC4069063 system are not in the habitable zone.


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Nanta, M., Promjanjai, S., Noichim, K., & Kajai, P. (2022). Over-the-counter Astrophysics to Derive Size of Exoplanet in KIC4069063. Journal of Science and Technology CRRU, 1(2), 45–50. Retrieved from https://li01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jstcrru/article/view/255843
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