Reducing The Number of Delayed Deliveries Through Production Planning and Management: A Case Study of Hill Tribe Cocoa Cof Co., Ltd.

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Chaiwat Kittidecha
Jittakarn Punyawong
Natchaya Kampinkam
Ekkarat Rattanadilok Na Phuket


This research aims to reduce the number of delayed deliveries by company’s case study. Using data on sales of cocoa products in total 10 items for the past 2 years (2019-2020), group products, and raw materials in ABC Analysis, analyze only group A and B, choose an appropriate forecasting model, set safety stock, and schedule the main production in August 2021, including studying the layout of warehouses and raw materials. The results show that Group A products are dark chocolate and cocoa butter, Group B products are cocoa powder, white chocolate, and chocolate milk and Group C products are 5 remainder items. All of group A and B use the Seasonal forecasting model. The safety stock is 1kg per week. In August, the master production schedule has been set, enabling on-time delivery of all 3 orders. Group A's raw material is cocoa beans. The safety stock is 3 kg per month. The inventory control cost is 117 baht per year. Group B raw material is cocoa bean residue which is a by-product of the production process. There is enough quantity to meet the demand, so it is required to check the quantity every month. To improve warehouse layout and raw materials, a layout has been proposed for suitable placement and ease of transport. A’s products were stored in fridge while B’s products and B’s products were stored on shelves.

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Kittidecha, C., Punyawong , J. ., Kampinkam , N. ., & Rattanadilok Na Phuket, E. . (2022). Reducing The Number of Delayed Deliveries Through Production Planning and Management: A Case Study of Hill Tribe Cocoa Cof Co., Ltd. Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok Research Journal, 15(1), 31–40. Retrieved from
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Chaiwat Kittidecha, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna

Faculty of Engineering

Jittakarn Punyawong , Rajamangala University of Technology lanna

Faculty of Engineering

Natchaya Kampinkam , Rajamangala University of Technology lanna

Faculty of Engineering

Ekkarat Rattanadilok Na Phuket, Rajamangala University of Technology lanna

Faculty of Engineering


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