Publication Ethics
         Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi has committed to publishing articles with righteousness and high quality. Also, all processes have been proceeded transparently and traceably under good governance. The roles and responsibilities following the publication ethics have been assigned to the editor, author, and reviewer as follows:

Roles and Duties of the Editor

          1. Editor must determine preliminary the consistency of articles with journal policies, plagiarism, and overall quality of the articles before submitting to further process.
          2. Editor must be neutral in selecting articles for the evaluation process and must have no conflict of interest with authors and reviewers.
          3. Editor must not disclose information about authors and reviewers to uninvolved people during the article evaluation process.
          4. Editor must refuse to receive articles being under consideration from other publications or have been already published.
          5. Editor must decide to select evaluated articles for publication based on the importance, novelty, clarity, and consistency of the journal's policy.

Roles and Duties of Authors

          1. Authors must certify that articles submitted for evaluation are new works, having not been published or not being under consideration from other journals.
          2. Authors must not copy or duplicate works of others (Plagiarism) or their own (Self-Plagiarism). Other people's works must be cited and presented in the references section whenever they appear in the articles.
          3. Authors must learn how to use the online journal system (ThaiJo) and follow the instructions for submitting the manuscript.
          4. Authors have to present the content as specified by the journal instruction, such as Introduction, Methodology, Results and discussions, and Conclusion based on correction without any distortion.
          5. Co-authors of the articles must indeed contribute to the research work.
          6. The decision from the editor must be decisively accepted by authors.

Roles and Duties of Reviewers

          1. Reviewers have to learn the manuscript instructions for submission so that the evaluation would be progressed along accordingly.
          2. Reviewers must be expertise in the assigned field and evaluation must be proceeded based on scientific principles and reasons without personal bias.
          3. Reviewers must hold ethics and equity and have no interest in authors, as well as not seeking benefits from the articles.
          4. Reviewers must keep the time frame of the evaluation period and be responsible for the articles without disclosing information to uninvolved people.
          5. If the evaluated articles were found to be significantly duplicate content or plagiarism to others' works, Reviewers need to notify the editor and reject those articles.
          6. Reviewers have to check the duplication or plagiarism. If it was found significantly, please notify the journal of refusing to accept the evaluation of the article.