Controlling System of Bhutan Oyster Mushroom's Growth and Alert by Image Processing and Internet of Things


  • เอกลักษณ์ สุมนพันธ์
  • Rattanaphong Thongchai
  • Chatchaphong Khamchuen
  • Sopon Wiriyarattanakul


Mushroom Farming House, Internet of Things, Line Application


Bhutan Oyster Mushroom cultivation is often done in an opened farming house. Thus, the problem is non-flowering mushrooms or dried mushrooms due to inappropriate temperature and humidity. This research utilized a Raspberry Pi board to control the temperature and humidity within the Bhutan Oyster Mushroom farming house. User can configure temperature and humidity within the farming house by using Line Application. Additionally, growth can be monitored by image processing from mushroom samples, by comparing the ratios to the total number of mushrooms in the house and interpret estimated results accordingly via the Line Application. From the experiment, it was found that Bhutan Oyster Mushrooms grow well during temperature below 30 degrees and humidity above 75% while controlling ventilation fans, water pumps and heaters to provide the appropriate environment for the growth of Bhutan Oyster Mushrooms. In term of growth quality evaluation, advice and observation were provided from the expert. Bhutan Oyster Mushrooms from the farming house that equipped with an automatic controlling system that has good quality measurement at 75% and the precision of the growth monitoring notification with image processing from the mushroom samples is at 88.9%


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