Wisdom and Factors Related with Traditional Herbal Utilities for Healthcare: Case Study of Salung – Keelek Community, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province

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Samart Jaitae
Sasikan Pongchompoom
Chatchaya Sommanee


The mixed-method research aimed to collect data on traditional herbal wisdom and the related factors of the herbal utilization for healthcare. Sample size was 301 households in Saluang-Keelek community, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province. Data collected by documentary research, include primary and secondary documents reviews. In addition, questionnaires and non - structured interviews were executed. Data were analyzed by thematic analysis, descriptive statistics, and Pearson product moment correlation coefficient analysis. The results show that people use traditional herbs for healthcare as antipyretics, skin disease treatment, nourishment, and anti-diarrheal. Factors including the attitude towards using traditional herbs for healthcare have low positive correlations with traditional herbal utilization for healthcare (r =0.308, p - value< 0.0001). The relevant authorities should support the knowledge about the folk herbs’ utilization for healthcare.


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