The Development of Shumai Supplemented with Calcium from Eggshell Powder

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Achiraya Rongthong
Amporn Jamphon
Taweesak Techakriengkrai
Tipakorn Muangteuk
Siriporn Riebroy Kim


Chicken eggshells are discarded as wastes from the food industry and the household sector in Thailand. This eggshell is very rich in calcium content, which use to build and maintain strong bones. Therefore, this research aimed to identify calcium and some mineral content in eggshell powder (ESP) and to study physical and chemical properties of shumai supplemented with eggshell powder. Sensory test of shumai supplemented with eggshell powder at 0, 5, 10, and 15% was evaluated with 9-point hedonic scale in terms of appearance, color, flavor, taste, texture and overall liking. The experimental design was a randomized completely block design (RCBD). From the result, the eggshell powder had a calcium content of 39%. The different ratios of eggshell powder had differences in sensory score, particularly texture and overall liking were reduced by increasing amounts of eggshell powder. The shumai supplemented with eggshell powder 5% was the most accepted by the consumer, which the average scores over 7 in all characteristics. Furthermore, the supplemented shumai 5% has increased in calcium content from the control 25.16 to 2,023.33 mg/100 g, which is not over the daily upper intake level of 2,500 mg.


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