Effects of Shiitake Mushroom Powder on the Quality and Salt Reduction in Chicken Nuggets

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Benjarat Tepsongkroh
Nichcha Wimonsang
Panicha Yoorung


Chicken nuggets are considered to have a high level of sodium, thus, increased consumption might affect consumers’ health. This study aimed to reduce the salt content in chicken nuggets by using mushroom powder instead because mushrooms contain protein, fiber, and glutamic acid, which acts as a stimulant that makes taste receptors more sensitive. Regarding the chemical composition analysis of four mushroom species, shiitake mushrooms had the highest salt content (1.63%), and their protein and fiber contents were 24.11% and 10.22%, respectively. Thus, shiitake mushrooms were chosen to replace salt in chicken nuggets. The levels of shiitake mushrooms used to replace salt were 0%, 25%, 50%, and 100%. It was found that the presence of shiitake mushroom powder decreased the lightness (L*), hardness, and cohesiveness of chicken nuggets. Replacing salt with shiitake mushroom powder at 50% also received liking scores on appearance, outside and inside color, saltiness, overall texture, and overall liking at the levels of ‘like moderately’ to ‘like very much’ (7.0-8.0). However, there was no significant difference compared to the control formula (no shiitake mushroom powder was added). Therefore, the use of shiitake mushroom powder to partially replace salt in chicken nuggets is an interesting concept for developing healthy chicken nuggets.


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