Aim and Scope


Thai Journal of Agricultural Science focuses on all aspects of agricultural research. It offers readers an opportunity to tap into the future of food and fiber improvement and production. The Journal reports advanced research results in plant, animal and soil sciences, sustainable farming systems, and food science. It is essential reading for anyone needing to keep abreast of current findings in agriculture.


Notes for Contributors


Editorial policy: The Thai Journal of Agricultural Science is the official publication of The Agricultural Science Society of Thailand under the Patronage of His Majesty the King. It is a quarterly journal for publication of original agricultural science research works and other related materials of scientific interest. One of the authors should be member or associate member of the Society. Manuscripts must conform to the guidelines given below and will be individually refereed by a minimum of three scientists before publication.

Manuscripts: All papers must contain an Abstract and Keywords, and must be written in English. The mode of presentation must be in the form of scientific papers, i.e. Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, whereas Conclusion is an optional part. References should be given as 'name-year' style for the citation in the text. Before typing the paper, contributors are advised to examine the lay-out of papers published in a recent issue of this journal to ensure that the paper conforms to the accepted pattern. Articles should be kept concise. Color photograph may be considered printing with extra charge to the author. Typing should be double spaced with ample margin on A4 size paper. Because of occasional serious delay in transit, authors and reviewers are urged to send manuscripts and proofs by electronic mails.

Reprints: A PDF file of each published paper will be supplied free of charge to the corresponding author. The order of a minimum of 100 reprints can be forwarded to the Editor. Invoice of the extra reprints will be sent to the author(s).

Subscription: Subscribers in Thailand pay annual fees of 300 baht for members and 600 baht for nonmembers of the Agricultural Science Society of Thailand. Subscribers outsideThailand pay annual fees, postage included, of US$60 for individual member and US$70 for agencies and institutional members. A subscription form is provided on the last page of this issue. Subscription request should be sent to the Secretary, Agricultural Science Society of Thailand, P.O. Box 1070, Kasetsart University, Bangkok 10903, Thailand.


Major Areas of Publication


1. Plant

  • internationally relevant researches in all areas of plant production
  • biotechnology in agriculture
  • agronomy: grains, forages, industrial and alternative crops
  • horticulture: fruits, vegetables, ornamentals
  • pest management: entomology, plant pathology, weed science
  • application of technology, plant breeding and genetics, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, management, and plant production system

2. Soils

  • ecology, biological processes and plant interactions
  • composition and chemical processes
  • physical processes and interfaces
  • genesis, landscape processes and relationships
  • contamination and environmental stewardship
  • management for agricultural production

3. Animal

  • all aspects of domestic livestock and their products
  • cellular and molecular biology
  • animal biotechnology
  • behavior and management
  • breeding and genetics
  • meats
  • pastures and forages
  • physiology
  • ruminant nutrition
  • non-ruminant nutrition

4. Food Science

  • processing with traditional and new technologies
  • refrigeration and storage
  • packaging and storage
  • food safety
  • food chemistry
  • dairy food
  • ingredients
  • oils and fats
  • fermented foods and beverages