Print ISSN: 0049-3589, Online ISSN: 2697-4762

The Thai Journal of Agricultural Science (TJAS) is a distinguished and inclusive scholarly platform devoted to advancing all facets of agricultural research. With a focus on the future of food and fiber enhancement and production, the journal offers readers valuable insights and up-to-date information. TJAS features cutting-edge research outcomes spanning Plant and Animal Sciences, Soil Science, Farm Mechanics, Plant Pathology, Pest Management and Control, Entomology, Home Economics, Environmental Sciences, and Other Agriculture-related Sciences. As a crucial resource for staying abreast of the latest developments and innovations in agriculture, TJAS plays an essential role in facilitating knowledge dissemination.

In line with its commitment to academic freedom and openness, "Thai" in Thai language signifies independence and liberty. TJAS empowers researchers in agriculture to freely publish and share their expertise, contributing to the greater benefit of society and ensuring the sustainability of life's fundamental aspects. By fostering international significance, TJAS elevates the impact and significance of agricultural research on a global scale.

Vol. 56 No. 4 (2023): October-December

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