Source and rate of nitrogen as influenced its mineralization during the growth stages of rice in a wheat-mungbean-rice cropping system

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M.M.H. Bhuiyan
G.K.M.M. Rahman
A.J.M.S. Karim
S. Islam
M. Haque
A. Gaber
M. Rahman
A. Hossain


Background and Objectives: The crops’ mineralization and uptake of nitrogen (N) are important during the crop growth stage, leading to improved crop productivity. However, the source and dose of N are also important since these are linked to the N use efficiency under field conditions. Considering the important aspect, a field-based incubation study was conducted in a wheat-mungbean-transplanted Aman (T. Aman) rice cropping system to determine the effects of sources and doses of N on N mineralization in wetland rice cultivation systems.
Methodology: The experiment was piloted in a split-plot design, where four sources of N, such as urea, neem-coated urea (NCU), di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), and urea super granule (USG), were assigned in the main plots, and four levels of nitrogen, i.e., 0, 30, 60, and 90 kg ha-1 were assigned in the subplots replicated three times.
Main Results: The highest NH4+-N concentration was recorded in USG at the harvesting time of T. Aman rice, followed by NCU, urea, and DAP. NO3--N concentration was the highest in DAP, followed by urea, NCU, and USG. However, the NH4+-N and NO3--N concentrations progressively increased with the dose of N and the highest concentration was noted in 90 kg N ha-1 for all N fertilizer sources.
Conclusions: The information from the current study will be helpful for proper N management in the intensive rice-wheat and rice-maize cropping systems in South Asia.

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