The Encryption and Decryption of Image File Transfer by Chaos

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Chart Rithirun
Chanuan Uakarn
Anuchit Charoen


This paper presented techniques and methods for applying mathematical equations and chaos theory for encryption and decryption of image file. Research purposes were 1) to study encryption and decryption of image files with Chaos and Chua's Equation, 2) to study the theory of Chaos and apply it in Image Processing, and 3) to study the methods of encryption and decryption and the complexity of the Chaos number system. Chaos theory of chaotic equations was applied in this study to create a pattern of random numbers. Then arranged them in the form of a matrix array, with the dimensions of this matrix in pixels, equal to the dimension of the image file in pixels to be encrypted for receiving a new image file with a chaos mathematical equation being added. This process created the new image file to be encrypted with a chaos equation. It was the output file for forwarding to anyone. To view this file, it needed decryption the encrypted image files with a decryption key from the sender. If the encryption of the key was incorrect, the sent image could not be viewed. The advantage of the encryption and decryption of image files, with the chaos equation, is not complexity. It will manually generate unique random numbers that can not be duplicated. Therefore, the encryption and decryption have very high data security.

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