The Development Information Rice Thailand System

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Udon Jitjuk
Suaree Nakornpan
Panida Burakham
Aonanong Butrsichan


The objectives’ research were (1) to develop the thai rice database system, (2) to collect the thai rice seeds in Thailand, and (3) to evaluate the efficiency of thai rice database system. By the system development on Windows 7. The Programing languages were PHP, Ajax, Java Script and HTML. Using SQL language was developed to build the database system. The efficiency of database system was evaluated by users and the experts using Black Box Testing. The results found that the efficiency of system testing is 4.11±0.69. It means that the developed system is good level.


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Jitjuk, U., Nakornpan, S., Burakham, P., & Butrsichan, A. (2021). The Development Information Rice Thailand System. Prawarun Agricultural Journal, 13(2), 283-297. Retrieved from
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