Screening of Thermophilic and Halophilic Cellulase – Producing Bacteria from Saline Soil Samples

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Phakamas Rachamontree


Maha Sarakham Province is an agricultural area with primarily rice cultivation cause large amounts of rice straw after the harvest season. The application of cellulase - producing bacteria for rice straw degradation is more attention because it is an environmentally friendly. This area is mostly tropical drought and soil salinity hence some such extremotolerant bacteria can thrive in these conditions as desired. Thus, this research aimed to isolate the cellulase - producing thermophilic and halophilic bacteria. Seventy saline soil samples were collected from rice fields in Maha Sarakham Province, Thailand. A total of one hundred and six isolated bacterial isolates were obtained from soil salinity. The cellulase - producing activities was preliminary examined using the formation of clear zone observation on CMC agar. The results revealed that nine generated isolations was 25-105 mm of clear zone radius. The cellulase production of each isolate was estimated by enzyme activity after various cultured condition in medium broth. The effect of salt concentration on cellulase production was conducted in lactose broth containing 1% CMC with varying concentrations of sodium chloride (3-10%). The results revealed that there were no significant differences in enzymatic activity. The highest enzyme activity was found in RMU41 with a value of 0.826±0.007 U/mL at 50 °C (salt concentration of 10%) and found the cellulase activity of 0.246±0.031 U/mL when cultured in lactose broth supplementation with rice straw as a carbon source in 2.5% concentration. The 16S rDNA sequence analysis was indicated that the RMU41 strain was highly related with Streptomyces thermogriseus and Streptomyces thermovulgaris of 99.79% similarity


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Rachamontree, P. (2021). Screening of Thermophilic and Halophilic Cellulase – Producing Bacteria from Saline Soil Samples. Prawarun Agricultural Journal, 14(2), 285-294.
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