Phenotypic Characterization and Identification of Thai Native Chickens in Maha Sarakham Province

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Orn-anong Chaiyachet
Nattiya Prakobsaeng
Nawaphat Pondee


The purpose of this study was to investigate the phenotypic characterization and identification of Thai native chicken breeds which raised with mixed-flock and sex in five districts of Maha Sarakham Province, consisting of Mueang Maha Sarakham District, Kantharawichai District, Wapi Pathum District, Chuen Chom
District and Chiang Yuen District. The study of phenotypic and morphological characteristics found four majority breeds of the Thai native chicken including Nok Khod, Pradu Hang Dum, Nok Daeng and Lueng Hang Khao. Nok Khod was found in the greatest amounts among male breeds, while Pradu Hang Dum was raised
mostly when compared with other female breeds. Nine morphological measurements obtained from each bird revealed that morphometric were significant differences (P<0.05) between the genders. Male was greater in the length of wing, back, shank, toe to back, beak to comb, height and body weight than those female. Whilst only the back length and shank length showed statistically significant differences between the means
of nine breeds of female Thai native chicken (P<0.05). The performance of three major female Thai native chickens raised in Maha Sarakham area exhibited that Pradu Hang Dum, Nok Daeng and Nok Khod had an average of egg per time 10.52±2.52, 10.00±2.38, and 10.67±1.12 eggs, with a survival rate 76.64%, 82.27% and 72.94%, respectively. These findings indicate a variation of phenotypic characterization of the most common breeds of Thai native chicken raised in Maha Sarakham Province and the information on the performance can provide a principal data for farmers to considering the utilization from these Thai native chickens and selective the high performance strains for the beneficial in commercial scale, breeding, reproduction and


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Chaiyachet, O.- anong, Prakobsaeng, N., & Pondee, N. (2021). Phenotypic Characterization and Identification of Thai Native Chickens in Maha Sarakham Province. Prawarun Agricultural Journal, 13(2), 158-172. Retrieved from
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