Design and Development of a Tractor-mounted Cassava Planter

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Samart Bun-art


In this research, a tractor-mounted cassava planter were designed, built, and tested. The planter prototype consisted mainly of soil furrow and ridge set, soil opener set, stem cutting and pushing set andtransmission mechanism set. The test of machine appropriate condition showed that the appropriate speed ranged from 0.90-1.20 km/hr at the 2 nd gear speed (low).The field test showed that the field capacity of 0 .8 rai/h and field efficiency of 8 0 % . The fuel
consumption was found to be 3 .5 L/ rai. The cassava stakes with completely planted were 9 0 % , 7% uncomplete planted, 3% stakes loss and cassava stakes damage with 1%. The germination was 90%. The angled planting was 65 degree, respecting to horizontal ground and the planting depth was 13 cm.Economic analysis showed that the break even point of the machine was 3 2 .3 9 rai/year with a consequence of payback period within 2 years at 250 rai/year.


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