Development of Longkong Syrup Processing การพัฒนากระบวนการผลิตไซรัปจากลองกอง

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Thidarat Juthong
Rossawan Intarasirisawat
Rutrada Theppradit


This research focused on the development of Longkong syrup processing. Lonkong syrup can be used as a natural sweetener with unique Longkong sweet tastes and flavors. The objective of this research was 1) to study the effect of pretreatments using the Sous-vide technique on the resulting Longkong juice appearance, 2) to study the effect of pectinase concentrations, incubation temperatures and times on % yield of Longkong juice extraction and 3) to study the change of Longkong syrup during storage. The results revealed that using the Sous-vide technique at 90 oC for 15 min was appropriate for preparing Longkong juice to inhibit enzymatic browning reaction when compared to without heating and control samples. Then, an appropriate condition to extract Longkong juice was analyzed by using Box-Behnken design. The pectinase concentrations (X1), incubation temperatures (X2) and times (X3) were used as factors to perform. The condition of 0.75% pectinase, incubation at 40 oC for 180 min was obtained with the highest yield of 89.5-91.0%. Subsequently, Longkong juice was evaporated by using a vacuum dryer at 50 oC till a total soluble solid of 65 ˚Brix. Longkong syrup was stored at room temperature for 45 days. The results showed that Longkong syrup was darker and the total color difference overall (∆E) was 92.54 when compared to the color value of the initial Longkong syrup. Moreover, the moisture content of Longkong syrup increased from 29.72% to 41.99% but there was no change in pH, total microbial count and yeast and mold count.


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