Human Icon #35223 - Free Icons Library Duties of Editors

           1. Editors should consider and examine every manuscript that would like to publish with the journal, concerning the format, completeness, quality of the manuscript and the contents of the manuscript that should be consistent with aims and scope of journal.

           2. Editors should not disclose any information of authors and reviewers to any other irrelevant people during the reviewing and publishing period.

           3. Editors should select a manuscript in the preliminary evaluation a manuscript before entering to the process. Then, they should decide to publish the manuscript according to the evaluation of reviewers. Editors should consider the originality, clearness, and the consistency with the scope and policy of the journal.

           4. Editors’ judgment should always be based on academic reasons without any bias to manuscripts and authors regard to race, gender, religious belief, tradition, political ideology and affiliation of the authors. They should not reject a manuscript only based on the doubt but they should prove with evidence.

           5. Editors should have no conflict of interest or a stake with the authors and reviewers.

           6. Editors should seriously check the plagiarism of a manuscript by using academically acceptable software program. If the plagiarism is found under a manuscript reviewing process, editors should stop the process and contact the corresponding authors immediately for explanation as parts of decision making of "accept" or "reject" the manuscript. If there is no academic explanation, editors will “reject” to publish that manuscript and inform the commander of the corresponding authors.


Human Icon #35223 - Free Icons Library Duties of Authors

           1. Authors should ensure that all work in their submitted manuscript is original and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

           2. Authors should not copy other authors’ writing and any part of the submitted manuscript derived from others’ work must be properly cited in their own manuscripts. The citation at the end of the manuscript must also be done.

           3. Authors should present the facts of results from the research without distortion, alteration, or false information.

           4. All authors mentioned in the manuscript must have significantly contributed to the research Editors’ journal will consider the possibility according to the manuscript.

           5. Authors should write a manuscript in a correct format according to the author’s guideline for a manuscript otherwise the journal’s editors may not consider that manuscript. Authors should follow the process of the journal in order to guarantee the quality of the published contents.

           6. Authors must declare all sources of research grants in the acknowledgement.

           7. Authors should identify the conflict of interest in a manuscript. (if any)


Human Icon #35223 - Free Icons Library Duties of Reviewers

           1. Reviewers should keep all information about the submitted manuscripts confidentially and do not disclose to other irrelevant people during the reviewing period.

           2. Reviewers should have no conflict of interest with the authors such as being researchers in a team or knowing the authors personally or having any other kinds of relationships that cause the bias in reviewing or cannot review and give the recommendations freely. Reviewers should inform the editors and deny to review that manuscript.

           3. Reviewers should realize that they must have understanding in the contents of the academic work and must show their true expertise in the reviewed field. They should review objectively based on the quality of the manuscript. Reviewers should consider a manuscript under the academic principles and reasons, the importance, the originality, clearness, the consistency with the scope of the journal, and the concentration of the manuscript without bias or their own opinions.

           4. Reviewers should not be a self-seeking from the academic work that they had reviewed.

           5. Reviewers can reject the manuscript and inform the editors immediately when the manuscript under review and any other published papers show any substantial similarity or overlap with clear evidence of plagiarism.

           6. Reviewers should review and return feedback in a timely manner as assigned.