The Effects of Container Wall Friction on the Vertical Vibrating Convection Pattern for Granular Materials

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Panupat Chaiworn
Suparat Hankwang
Vilaiporn Luksameevanish
Pensri Pramukkul


The research aimed to study the effects of container wall friction on the vertical vibrating convection pattern for granular materials. The both cylindrical particles of sizes used were diameter 6 millimeters (mm), length 6 centimeters (cm), at 460 particles and diameter 12 mm, length 6 cm, at 115 particles, respectively, which were randomly and layered placed inside rectangular containers with different wall friction such as acrylic, foil, velvet, and No. 400 sandpaper. The granular materials were vertically vibrated with the amplitude of 5 mm, the frequency of 12.21 Hertz (Hz) and dimensionless acceleration of 3. The results revealed that the granular materials were on granular media. After that the granular materials slowly moved to the side, center and top of the containers again. The movement in one cycle is called “convection”. The materials on the left moved sideways in anticlockwise direction and those on the right moved sideways in the clockwise direction. In case of friction coefficient between granular materials and wall being 0.790 and 0.825, the granular materials could move fast causing kinetic energy. When the friction coefficient between granular materials and wall is 0.376 and 0.432, the materials would move to the side and were unable to move to the center. Their movement was static, or they hardly moved due to low friction coefficient between granular materials and wall, making the materials moved slowly and yielding low kinetic energy.

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