Land used, Diversity of Rice Variety and Appropriated Land for Rice Production in Mae Hong Son Province

  • ฐปรัฏฐ์ สีลอยอุ่นแก้ว Meahongson Rice Research Center, Meahongson, Thailand
  • สิปปวิชญ์ ปัญญาตุ้ย 2Samoeng Rice Research Center, Samoeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • สุทธิกานต์ ใจกาวิล Phrae Rice Research Center, Phrae, Thailand
Keywords: land used, diversity of rice variety, appropriated land, rice production


The objective of this study was land used, diversity of rice variety which grown in up-lowlands and appropriated land for rice production in Mae Hong Son province (MHS). The data were collected using data from farmers who register rice growers as 26,091 farmers (32,526 plots) and a random interview farmer in the areas as 3,427 farmers. For research finding, there were holding areas for agriculture in MHS was 57,815 ha-1, but had suitable land, 5,959 ha-1 only. In season of year 2017/18 and off season of year 2018 of rice cultivations, MHS had areas for rice planting as 24,669 and 15 ha-1, respectively. Mae Sariang district had the highest rice planting areas. The rice variety in MHS was divided in two ecosystems as upland and lowland cultivations. Commonly found rice variety in lowland were RD21 and Khao Dawk Mali 105, except Pai district as San Pa Tong 1 and RD6. In upland cultivation rice were almost rice varieties by ethnic groups in each district of MHS. Almost of rice production per household was sufficient for consumption, while RD21 and Khao Dawk Mali 105 as 650 and 600 Baht/rai and can be sold to merchants in MHS area or other. This information will be the basis for the management of rice growing areas for farmer and rice scientist, and selecting rice variety or promote planting to accordance with the needs of farmers in areas.


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