A study of an optimal condition for solid-state anaerobic digestion biogas production from broiler litter

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Ninlawan Chaitanoo


The purpose of this research is to determine the best conditions for producing biogas from bedding material utilizing batch solid-state anaerobic digestion (SS-AD), which will then be employed in a new waste management technique in broiler farms. Total solid (TS) concentration (20% and 23%), fermentation method (continual mixing versus non-mixing), and CaCO3-pretreatment prior SS-AD were all investigated. The most suitable experimental setting for methane production was found to be 20% TS with CaCO3-pretreatment and continual mixing at 77.1±2.7 NmL/gVSadded. The optimal condition generated 2.5 times more methane than the condition without CaCO3-pretreatment and continuous mixing, and therefore 8.9 times more than the condition with a greater percentage of total solid (23 percent) (CaCO3-pretreatment and continual mixing). Continual mixing, on the other hand, had no significant influence on biogas output. Alkaline pretreatment is suitable for broiler litter since it can weaken lignocellulose structure. In order to increase total solid concentration in SS-AD system, further studies on pretreatment methods are required.


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