Published: 2020-04-10

Assessment of Some Biochemical Parameters and Dielectric Relaxations in β-Thalassemic Children

Yasser Khedr*, Metwally Kotb, Samir Abd El-Kaream, Omar El-Bayady


Studying the Safety of Instant Noodles Sold in Egyptian Hypermarkets

Eman Trabia, Hanaa Ismail, Samar Aborhyem*


Identification and Plant Growth-Promoting Activities of Proteobacteria Isolated from Root Nodules and Rhizospheric Soils

Kingchan Malisorn, Supunnee Chanchampa, Pawina Kanchanasin, Somboon Tanasupawat*


Oil Removal from Produced Water using Imperata cylindrica as Low-Cost Adsorbent

Hind J. Hadi, Khalid M. Mousa Al-zobai, Mohammed Jaafar Ali Alatabe*