Published: 2023-07-11

Effects of fertilizer type on protein and carbohydrate fractions of two varieties of Arachis hypogaea fodder

P.A. Dele, B.T. Akinyemi, C.C. Anotaenwere, F.E. Enwete, O.B. Kasim, T.A. Amole, O. Kenneth-Obosi, O.S. Sowande, O.M. Arigbede, A.O. Jolaosho


The effects from diet substitution by Zymomonas mobilis degraded soybean hull in broiler chickens on haematology, blood chemistry, carcass traits and sensory evaluation

A.A. Alade, A.M. Bamgbose, S.A. Olanloye, A.O. Fafiolu, A.O. Oso, B.A. Adewumi, N.M. Anigbogu, L.N. Agwunobi, O.O. Oluwatosin, O.E. Oke


Perception and usage militating factors of hybrid maize seed: evidence from Ghana

C.A. Wongnaa, R.K. Dziwornu, P.K. Francis, S. Akutinga, T. Robert, S. Lawal, A. Abdul-Hashim